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Salty Goat


This weekend, I tried another recipe from Rick Stein’s India (BBC Books, 2013) – his one-pot lamb dopiaza. It is essentially a stew with spices so, as is my wont, I took the details of the recipe with a pinch of salt. For example, I had goat meat rather than lamb, and about twice as much of it as in the recipe. No problem – roughly double everything. I found I didn’t have enough yogurt for even the original amounts but I figured that it wouldn’t make that much difference. And then there was the salt.

1.5 tablespoons in the recipe. That sounds a lot, so I only added 2 tbsp rather than 3. I wonder if it should have been measured in teaspoons instead? The result was still salty although not unpalatably so. I want to try this one again but, next time, I’ll dial the salt down several more notches.

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