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Unsandwiched Doner


I went for a walk with some friends tonight and decided to investigate the current chippy operating in Wood Farm on the way back. It has been through a range of different owners in recent years and quality has varied, from the time we got a slice of lemon on our battered fish (delicious!) to some less good attempts. The current incarnation as “Alice’s” also sells kebabs, so I decided to treat myself to one of those tonight.

Don’t worry – I’m fully aware that slices carved off a rotating cylinder of fatty, salty, somewhat mystery meat is the opposite of healthy eating but, since I could probably count the number of doner kebabs I’ve had on my fingers, I’ll probably survive. The meat was actually very well cooked – not just on the rotating post but also browned on a hot plate afterwards. Critically, I’d say it was a bit on the salty side, and I like a bit of onion in the accompanying salad, but it wasn’t too bad and the chilli sauce was decently hot.

What surprised me a little though, when I got it home, was to discover that it was packaged up as pitta on top of meat on top of salad. That worked okay but I’m sure every other doner kebab I’ve had put the meat and salad sandwiched inside the pitta. Maybe they are going through a modernist, deconstructed phase? It was a generous portion, anyway. I’ll probably go back sometime, although I think next time I’ll stay off the doners and try the fish and chips.

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