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It has been a rough few weeks in the UK. Three significant terrorist attacks and the tragedy of the inferno at Grenfell Tower. The election result was almost light relief, although it came at the cost of millions of pounds and abjectly failed to cement Conservative dominance and empower them to lead us into a promised era of strength and stability.

Three terrorist attacks? Manchester, London and last night, again, London. Last night’s attacker was, as far as I can tell, claiming to be anti-Muslim but it was still a terrorist attack; ideologically motivated violence against civilians. Like the two Islamic jihadist attacks that preceded it, it was an attack on British people on British streets. Possibly not all of those aimed at by the van drivers were British but, even if he’d stopped to check first, they lived under our protection.

I’m sure the attack represents a tiny majority of the populace but that means it is an ideal time to pursue and dig it out down to the root and not to idly allow the casual cultivation of home-grown radicalisations. We call on other nations to perform such gardening; we need to take hoe and trowel to our patch, too.

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