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Jeremy Corbyn is often derided as not being “Prime Ministerial” and thus being unelectable. I hope that tomorrow’s General Election sees that second objection put to bed and opens the way for some of the rifts in the Labour Party to be healed. I think his speech from Carlisle last Sunday morning also puts paid to the other objection:

Corbyn wouldn’t be quite like any other British Prime Minister in recent times and I’m sure there would be some missteps along the way but he does speak with dignity and conviction and stands up well in the aftermath of the London attacks on Saturday evening. I also admire his magnanimity. He doesn’t make any bones about representing a very different path to the Conservatives but he is at pains to encourage everyone to vote even if against him; democracy must stand unbowed before terror even as the wounded and grieving are tended to.

I see the Conservative Party website is still holding to the “strong and stable” tagline. Maybe they missed it’s use in Hitler’s Mein Kampf? Nic brought that to my attention last month, possibly sourced from Jonathan Fryer’s blog. Perhaps that is being nitpicking but I’m struggling to take the Conservative claim seriously, given that their economic leadership has seen a large increase in national debt¬†and that calling a snap election despite¬†the 2011 Parliament Act (produced under the Con/Lib coalition) speaks more of gambling and hubris than either strength or stability.

No guesses then on which way I’m voting, or which way I’d like you to vote, or what I’d like the result to be. Above all though, get out and vote. Make a considered response on what serves not just you but those less advantaged or able than yourself. Vote, because the life our our democracy depends on it.

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