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I assume that means playing Quiddler, although I’m not sure I’d get away with it in a game. I still smart from not being allowed oranger last night (it should mean ‘more orange’, on the pattern of redder, greener and bluer) but it wasn’t in the dictionary being used for adjudication. Shame I didn’t have a spare Y to sweep up with orangery.

On each round, players get dealt an increasing number of cards with either individual letters or various pairs, like QU, CL and IN. All the cards are beautifully illustrated in the style of Celtic and Old English illuminated manuscripts but you don’t have much time to admire them. The challenge is to assemble one or more complete words. When someone decides to lay their words down, all the rest of the players have to follow and scores are totted up.

In some ways it is a bit like a card version of Scrabble but feels more relaxed. You are at the mercy of the letters you draw, with scope for lexophiles to prosper, but you don’t have to also figure in where to lay the words (although there are bonuses each round for the most words and the longest word). All good fun and a new favourite.

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