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Looking Down on the Garden – March 2017


At first glance, the view in March:

View of the garden

Looking Down on the Back Garden – March 2017

isn’t so very different from the view in February:

View of the Garden

Looking Down on the Back Garden – February 2017

However, click on either image to view in the set on Flickr and alternate between the two images. Changes that seem minor start to jump out when you jump a month at a time. For example, March has more daffodils as well as some hyacinths – in fact, today, we’ve got the first of our tulips in bloom. Or look at the Buddleja globosa, halfway down the fence on the right. The major growth spurt is still to come but it is definitely creeping higher – about 5-6″ which isn’t obvious when you just look out of the window daily.

I’m including this in my 52photos set not just to bring me up to date but also to illustrate how the camera lets us see beyond our normal, time-bound field of reference.

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