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An Average Pancake Day


I had some pancakes yesterday and we’re going to have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow so I suppose that means that I’m having an average pancake day today.

Or, to use the more traditional name, Shrove Tuesday. As well as making me think about pancakes, it reminds me that I haven’t decided what Lenten discipline, if any, I am going to take up this year. I’m torn between giving up giving up for a year (yes, that does sound like a cop out) or perhaps trying to do something visually creative each day. The latter would support my 52photos project and also, if I get the paints and brushes out, help me build my skills a bit more to make the most of the watercolour based course I am booked on for this summer.

Of course, a Lenten discipline shouldn’t just be for it’s own sake. However, if I used the creative time also as a prayerful time…. Something to ponder as I fall asleep tonight.

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