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Mad Goose


With dinner tonight, I tried a pale ale called Mad Goose from the Purity Brewing Company. They describe it as, “a zesty pale ale with a smooth and citrusy finish.” I’m tempted to describe it as like chewing on a hop pellet with a slight hint of beer!

That is perhaps a little unfair but the style is so hop forward that my mouth is still flashing back to a bitter, green invasion three hours later. I think this one might be delicious on a hot summer day but, for my palette, is a bit too strident for a dark winter evening. One to come back to later in the year. It would be interesting to compare it with some of the hoppy beers I would count among my favourites, such as Proper Job.

I don’t think my recent Bitter Dog stout is going to turn out nearly as bitter, although it will be another week or two until I can pass judgement.

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