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Artichokes in Winter


Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus) are renown for growing from tiny bits of their fleshy roots; if you plant them in your soil you will probably be enjoying (or cursing) them for years. Back in 2013 we got some in our veg box and I put some of the smaller tubers in a pot; three and a half years later, they are still doing well and we get a decent harvest each year.

I have to admit that sometimes I forget about them for a while – last year’s batch got left in the pot until March, which I think was a bit too long. We did get a small harvest and I also moved them up to a bigger pot and today we got our largest harvest yet – almost a kilo of tubers not counting the smaller ones which I’ve replanted for next year:

Artichoke tubers piled up

Jerusalem Artichokes

With that caution about planting them directly in the ground in mind, I think they are an excellent and economical crop to grow (and it is much easier to harvest from a pot when the weather is as wet as it has been today!)

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