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There are many Christmas traditions. One of them is going out for meals with colleagues and another of them is settling up the bill. Typically, a deposit has been paid but the balance remains so, towards the end of the meal, some has to break out the calculator, figure out how to divvy up the total and then collect and hand over the money. It can be awkward – what if you come up short or end up with an overly generous looking tip – and it also means each person ideally needs to bring enough money in suitably flexible denominations.

Today I joined the admin team from work at the Black Boy in Headington and, as well as excellent company and a decent meal, experienced a novel way of dealing with things – new to me, at least. We simply had to visit the till as we left and pay up the portion the pub had worked out (simply the balance plus a 10% gratuity), crossing our names off the list once done. I didn’t even have to use the money I’d got out last night apart from a small amount for the drink I’d bought on arrival as I could do it all – contactless – with my card.

Not everything about the future is good but this is one innovation I’m in favour of. It makes for a much fairer system, especially if some people want to pick from outside the set menu. Most people seemed to be using the contactless option, which is quick and easy. For a large party, it works very well, especially when some people need to slip off early while others want to stay and chat. Thumbs up.

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