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Cna you raed thsi?


I’m sure you can read that title. All the right letters but not necessarily in the right order. At least they sit still, allowing your brain to rearrange them to make sense. Now try this demo website. The creator, Victor Widell, has used Javascript to dynamically rearrange the letters to simulate an oft-reported experience of people with dyslexia, where letters appear to jump about.

How did you get on? I’m normally pretty good with the re-arranged letters trick, even granted that it has been gently knocked down from its Internet bestowed status of being breakthrough research. Widell’s page takes it to the next level and I suspect that there are a few tricks that could push it further. For example, what if the letters didn’t respect word boundaries, or appeared to physically move up and down, or seemed to be in a font without strong differentiation between letters?

As an exercise, this is fun; as a life where writing you need to read starts playing tricks, not so much, I’m sure.

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