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Tiring and Refreshing


Saturday’s trip down to Hither Green Baptist Church was inevitably a bit tiring. I had an early start so my sleep was lighter than usual the night before as my body tried to make sure I didn’t set off too late. It is a longer drive than I habitually do, including the delights of London’s South Circular although, to be fair, it flowed surprisingly well both on my early morning trip down and on my trip back in the evening. I spent all day with people, both old friends and new ones, which was lovely but not quite in the comfort zone for a natural introvert like me. I also put a lot of energy into the music I contributed; my voice is only just getting back to normal a couple of days later.

However, it was also refreshing. It was great to see the old place looking so good and satisfying to relax into the family of the congregation. David and Sandra French delivered some solid teaching, with an effective combination of spiritual and practical elements. There was plenty of grace to cover musical mistakes and plenty of freedom to express worship. I loved how, when the band came to the end of the final set, the congregation took over and led us in worship.

How good, how pleasant, to return to one of my homes.

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