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Taking a Chance


Here is one of my favourite samples from today’s work at the summer school:

Hand-printed patterns

Indian inspired printing

After spending a lot of time on some other pieces, this started as a bit of a throwaway. I had been using the card sheet underneath the tissue paper I was printing on. I used it to clean off the foam roller I had been using and spotted an opportunity to do a quick experiment with a piece of textured wallpaper (the plant-like fan shape). I was looking to make some sort of impression on the surface but someone else had previously used a purple pigment on the wallpaper which printed onto the wet paint. A few more presses in different locations added interest to the surface and I finished this off with copper paint and an Indian woodblock.

It is always worth taking a few chances in the art room and making notes on what works – I could well end up incorporating some ideas from this brief exploration as I try and work up some more considered pieces later in the week.

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