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Back on the Double


Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been out playing a lot of jazz on my electric six string bass; this weekend sees three outings with the String Project and I’ll be back on the double bass with them for the first time this year. Compared to last year’s Project schedule, 2016 has been relatively quiet but we’ve kept up the weekly rehearsals to polish our set and work on new material. The band hasn’t been getting smaller though while some of the gigs have been of the small stage, loud volume variety and so I’ve been playing the electric bass there too but the double is back out for this coming trio.

Two of them are hardly worth broadcasting as they aren’t public events. If you are going to be there, we’ll be delighted to see you but, if not, there’s no point telling you where to find us. However, don’t feel frustrated as we’re appearing at Cowley Road Carnival in Oxford on Sunday – as public as you like and also completely free to pop in and see us.

We’ll be opening the music at The City Arms pub, where Magdalen Road joins Cowley Road, playing from 12:00 – 12:30pm and we’ve set up a Facebook event if you want to track the details or put a hand up to join those who are planning to come along. From there, you will be spoilt for choice – you can either make your way down the road towards town taking in the huge range of East Oxford creativity (and food!) on offer or you could hang at the Arms all afternoon where there is a full programme of music.

I haven’t made up my mind yet about what to do after the gig but I do know that I’ll be there, laying down the grooves on the double bass again.

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