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Reaching Higher


The last bit of decorating we need to do inside our house is the hallway, stairs and landing. We’ve got the equipment and experience for general painting and decorating but how to do the high bit above the stairs? We considered getting some professionals in but balked at the price. I’m sure they would have done an excellent job (they did the outside of our house last year) but what if we just invested a bit in equipment so we could do the job ourselves and have it available in future? The result was that we recently acquired one of these, a Little Giant Revolution XE ladder:

Multipurpose ladder folded into an A frame shape

Little Giant Revolution XE Ladder

It is a clever bit of kit. It can easily be turned into a long straight ladder and the height of each side can be adjusted independently. Extending one side more than the other, it fits perfectly on the stairs and allows us to reach the top corners. It is relatively lightweight but feels very solid and has some clever features, like secure but easily adjustable locks and even wheels to help move it around.

There is only one problem now that this new ‘toy’ has arrived; I’ve got no excuse for not getting on with the work!

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