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The City That Never Lets You Sleep


Excellent gig last night and I’m glad I stuck around to see the headliners, Platypus, another out of the box band whose approach brilliantly complemented The String Project’s top notch performance. The venue was also a fantastic space, quirky and homely in equal measures and a safe place to listen to dangerous music.

Getting home though! There was some kind of traffic issue on Euston Road around the underpass and traffic was crawling. We didn’t get away until after midnight and, by 2am, probably would have covered more distance walking. Thanks to Ali who used her phone to connect to Google Maps where she could also get traffic information and guided us up and out via the outskirts of London Zoo. Once past the blockage, the rest of the journey was plain sailing but I didn’t get to bed until about 3:30am. I haven’t done one of those nights for a long time.

I’ve been at church this morning (playing bass and leading the intercessions so I couldn’t just lie in all morning). I’ve had a snooze this afternoon and I’m out playing again this evening for the monthly jazz jam at the Red Lion in Brightwell. I’m sure I’ll sleep well when I retire this evening.

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