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Hot, cross and seedy


I didn’t get round to baking hot cross buns this morning because, after a busy week and with the annual walk of witness down Cowley Road at 10:30, I couldn’t fit them in without having to get up extra early. I didn’t get round to baking any this afternoon because I wanted to get some gardening done to make the most of the excellent weather and I also went to the stations of the cross service at St Francis church at 4pm. We had a guest due for dinner at 6pm and so it ended up being my after-dinner project.

Then disaster! We were out of strong white bread flour. This is the day of the year for making hot cross buns so what is a bun fan to do in order to avoid getting hot and cross. The answer was to use the seeded bread flour I did have… which worked surprisingly well.

I’ll keep that in mind for next year.

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