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What I Love About Not Gigging


Following on from yesterday, I want to muse not on what I love to do when I’m not playing music but on what I love about music outside of the excitement and the waiting of the gigging environment.

Practise on my own and rehearsal with others can be hard work but they are worth sticking with. A little bit of persistence and what was once hard becomes easy, what was once impossible at least approachable.

As well as that, I also like the opportunity to just play outside of the disciplines of actively attempting to learn. It is learning but a different side to it, relying on intuition and responsive listening rather than cerebral judgement. I particularly love to grab a few notes or a rhythm and start exploring how that material can be handled to create a groove. That can work solo but is particularly rewarding in a group, when much more influence comes from outside you, opening paths you might have missed by trailing down familiar ruts.

Finally, even when the art comes second to just bashing through a few simple songs for fun, it’s a happy place, playing a part in a greater whole.

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