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Worship through… cookery


I’m having some interesting discussions about the nature of Christian worship on forums and on Facebook today. This evening I am responding by offering up my worship through… cookery.

Tomorrow night we start a four week series of a Lent course at St Clement’s and my home group is catering for the first night. We’d underestimated the take up but, towards the end of last week, found out that we’d be catering for about 60 people. Fortunately we’re a fairly large group so several of us are cooking up trays of lasagne for 10+ and we think we can cover it.

So, tonight, as my expression of devotion to God and service to his people, I’m playing my part and assembling up my contribution. At this stage it is a bit of a solo performance but tomorrow we bring the results together and hopefully produce a symphony of flavour and nutrition. I hope all God’s people will say amen! Meanwhile, back to the hob.

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