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Feberuby bottled


Having observed that my brew had spend a few days sitting at a gravity of 1.014, I concluded that fermentation was done and so got it into the bottle today. Since my recent beers have come out a bit undercarbonated I added 35g of sugar. I got 11 500ml bottles, which are now sitting indoors for a week before I put them in the unheated larder. I forgot to dissolve the sugar in hot water before adding it so hopefully it won’t be too unevenly distributed.

I was also able to get an idea of the taste from the sample I’d used to measure gravity and also by waiting for some of the dregs of what I was unable to bottle to settle. It is too early to judge what the final taste will be like but my initial impression is that I seem to have got away with overheating in the early fermentation and it promises to be on the delicious side. Phew! Now to wait for about three weeks before I can sample it.

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