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Looking Down on the Garden – February 2016


An overcast but light conditions, like this morning, are ideal for grabbing another trio of shots for my ongoing garden series. The sky acts like a giant softbox and, without such intense shadows or highlights, more can be seen when looking back. I took the opportunity this morning to add February to my set:

A view of the garden from an upstairs window

Looking Down on the Back Garden – February 2016

If you click the image to view the whole set and look back to January 2016, there isn’t much difference except we didn’t have a heavy frost this morning. If the forecast is to be believed, things might look quite different 24 hours from now – either blanketed with snow or at least sodden with icy rain.

However, there are differences in the details. Spring is arriving early this year. For example, I’d normally have until mid-March to prune the dogwood plants (three varieties of Cornus by the corner of the polytunnel) but they are already starting to produce leaves from their buds. This year I think we’ll leave them alone and allow that stand of plants to put on more height.

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