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Piles of Pancakes


Shrove Tuesday today and I think I’ve had my fill of pancakes for this year. We were expecting some guests last night who ended up not being able to make it so used up some of the batter I made last night and the rest this morning.

I was pleased, however, to find that the new cooker worked well for the job. One of the limitations of an induction hob is that it protests when it doesn’t detect a metal surface in close proximity – such as when you lift the pan to shake and flip the pancake. This was my first attempt at pancakes with it and, although I couldn’t flip quickly enough to avoid the F for fail turning up on the display, it jumped happily enough to operation when the pan was returned (unlike our cheap, standalone induction hob, which needed resetting every time). I also noticed that even the first pancake turned out pretty much as well as the rest, which is probably down to induction getting the crepe pan heated up quickly and evenly.

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