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Jane and I had dinner out at the Yeti restaurant on Cowley Road last night. We’d wanted to try something new with a leaning towards (a) something towards Chinese or Indian cuisine and (b) something towards our end of town. I did a bit of searching, found a list of top local restaurant from Trip Advisor and skimmed through to see what fitted. I’d been to the building before, about six years ago, when it was an Indian restaurant. It has been running under new owners as the Yeti for about four years and got good reviews for both food and service.

It lived up on both counts. We had a selection of dishes, leaning towards those flagged as Nepalese classics. Particular culinary highlights were the momos (small filled dumplings served with chilli sauce) for the starter and garlic and chilli naan bread, excellent although a little hotter than expected. The weakest point was the chicken dish which seemed very salty. If we had particular issues with salt consumption it might have been too much although, to be fair, it did work well when viewed as part of the overall meal (even if I found I had to get up in the night to gulp down another glass of water). Service was excellent throughout.

So, I’m inclined to agree with the good reviews and look forward to trekking down for a return visit.

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