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Running Round the Woods


I spent a lot of my formative years running round bits of woodland, normally with bits of stick that would stand in as either guns or swords. Do people do that nowadays or is it too politically insensitive or likely to cause harm?

I was back running round woodlands today, near Shotover. This time though it wasn’t some militaristic or high fantasy game but doing some filming with The String Project. Working with our friends from ChalkStar Films, we were shooting footage for a video to go along with our song We Can Be the Proof. Making it a bit more complex, although undeniably also more interesting, we were filming at 4 frames per second so playing and singing along to the track had to be done at 1/6 of normal speed.

On the playback, mixed in with a monochrome treatment and 1920s costumes, we should get a vintage look to the final result. It will take a little while for that to be available but, when it arrives, it should be amply worth it.

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