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We had our candlelit carol service at St Clement’s last night and I got to dress up in my tail coat and play the conductor again for our choir. It really was just playing at it though; we had the talented Pete Gunstone flying the organ and there was no line of sight. Whatever Pete played, I just had to do my interpretative arm-flapping dance at the front and pretend that I was in charge.

Fortunately that was a perfectly safe route to take as he knew what he was doing. If I had a role, it was to play a small part in glueing the service together and perhaps to help some of the less confident members of the choir feel not quite so exposed (although most of them are much better singers than me). Anyway, I think I’m fairly good at standing and flapping so it all worked out very well.

Next year the service will probably be on 18 December (because 11th looks far too early – even 13th seems quite a long way from Christmas itself) but it might be best not to put that in your diary just yet as I’m only guessing!

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