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Chocolate, Beer and Waffles


The guidebooks talk a lot about food and drink in Brussels and particularly the trio of chocolate, beer and waffles so we made a point of giving all three a try.

Just round the corner from our apartment was Choco-Story, a small museum with regular demonstrations of chocolate making. It really is small and, even with the free samples of chocolate on offer, it might be hard to justify the cost of €6 per adult, but we used our Brussels Cards and so, instead, it was another contribution to get the full benefit from those. If you didn’t want to visit the museum you could quite easily spend a day or more just browsing in the numerous chocolate shops in the area!

Not much further way, near one corner of the Grand Place, was the Belgian Brewers Museum. Again it is fairly small – one room with examples of 18th century equipment and another with modern brewery gear and a short film to watch. You do get a small glass of beer to finish your tour but the €5 entry cost might seem high without the Brussels card being used again; with that it was definitely worth a visit and we did note that visiting small museums is much less tiring than trudging round some of the giants on offer! Like chocolate, beer is all round the city including at very reasonable prices in the supermarkets.

We didn’t seek out a waffle museum to complete the set but did sample them from a van in the Parc du Cinquantenaire; tasty but, especially with extra caramel sauce, packed with too much sugar for me to want to take up a waffle habit!

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