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No post yesterday because Jane and I were travelling back from a long weekend in Brussels, where we had enjoyed a city break holiday. One of the reasons for picking Brussels as a destination was that not only was it in easy reach but it would give an opportunity to try out a journey on the Eurostar service. It has only been running for 21 years so about time we found out what it was like.

That turned out to have been a good call. The service itself is very good. As with flying, there is a requirement to check in early but not to such a degree. I don’t think we could possibly have got there any quicker by flying when you take into account the door to door journey and the train seems a much more pleasant way of travelling.

Furthermore, there was intensive disruption to flights in the UK yesterday because of widespread fog. In Brussels we had enjoyed unseasonably excellent weather all weekend and just a light mist on the morning of our departure – landmark buildings glimmered in the sun rather than being obscured. The train back was fuller than normal because of air passengers diverting; if we’d been due to fly back we would probably have had extra hours sitting in the airport and even the chance of an unscheduled extra night.

While not every destination is as easily reached by train, Eurostar definitely gets thumbs up from me as a way to access the nearer parts of continental Europe.

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