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The double bass sounds lovely but is cumbersome to lug around and sometimes awkward to get in or out of its case so, for a short extra rehearsal with The String Project this afternoon, I decided to take down my Stagg electric upright instead, leaving the acoustic bass out where I might find time to do some more practise on it tomorrow afternoon.

I did test it before I ventured out and was pleased to find that not only does it still work but that it was still pretty much spot on in tune. With a relatively flat bridge it doesn’t bow as well as the ‘real’ bass (although it is doable) and the notes don’t have the same body as the acoustic instrument. On the other hand, it has to be said that it is a lot easier to play.

The rehearsal went well and, although I’ll probably steel myself to take the acoustic bass down for our longer, regular rehearsal on Tuesday, I am glad to know that the EUB is still an option when I need it in future.

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