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I’ve got a new hi-fi. The Goodmans one I’ve been using for years is still ticking along although with a number of parts failing – the cassette player is broken, I’ve got masking tape over the power button hole and have to turn it on and off with the (slightly cracked remote) and I’ve no idea if the CD player is still operational. Above all though, it takes up a lot more room than it really needs. Jane and I have a guest staying for a few weeks and, with us sleeping in what is normally my ‘studio’, it focuses the mind on space a little more clearly.

The old unit will probably end up going on Freegle, the local freecycle type group and hopefully someone can get a few more good years out if it or do something interesting with the components. Replacing it, I’ve got a much more svelte Panasonic unit which includes Bluetooth, DAB and USB connectivity alongside an Aux in and FM radio.

Works nicely, looks smart and the only drawback I’ve spotted so far is the limited number of characters on the display, which means that the DAB channel display doesn’t work quite as effectively as I hoped. However, if I get half as long as I got out of the previous unit, it will be a good investment.

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