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Late Night


Last night’s gig in London with The String Project was fun but a late, late night. In fact, it was the early hours of the morning before we got back.

I think we nailed our set with a great performance. As a personal milestone, it was my first gig with the group where I’ve done entirely without music to read from. I’ve been a bit tardy about getting round to this as the music is often quite complex but managed to get through it fairly well – not quite perfect but good enough to hit the key bass cues and not throw my bandmates off. Extra benefits were that I was freer to make eye contact with the rest of the band and the audience and also that getting on and off the stage benefit from less things to drag up there. I’ll still use music from time to time but it is good to know that I can do the current core set without it.

Anyway, back to the gig. We are still waiting for the results of the competition aspect but, while it was a good evening out, I’ll be quite glad if we don’t win the opportunity to trek down for another round. Next local outing at the Donnington music festival on 10 October.

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