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Going Cuban


Londonistas, listen up! I’ll be playing at The Cuban in Camden (Stables Market, NW1 8AH) on Thursday evening with The String Project as part of a Be Somebody event organised by The Indie Label.

I rather hope that I’ll still be somebody regardless of taking part in the event and also regardless of how we do. It is billed as a competition although I’m not sure whether it is judged on skill of performance, audience reaction or how many audience members you bring along. Frankly, I don’t think any of those are particularly good markers as I don’t view music as a competitive sport; if I go and see two or three bands, I benefit if they all excel. And, of course, I’m not even noted as a fan of competitive sport in the first place.

However, for friends who are a long way from Oxford and other places we have played recently but not so far from North London, this is  good chance to come and see the Project. Music starts at 8pm and we’ll be on sometime during the evening (ideally not too near the start but also not pushing up to the 11:30pm end.

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