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At last night’s gig I experimented with having the music for the songs I haven’t memorised displayed on my tablet. I’ve previously mentioned how everyone seems to be using tablets now at jazz jams but this is a little different as I’m playing from a score rather than just a chord chart. However, I discovered that the software I’m using (iGigBook) can display two pages side by side so I reformatted the music I needed to make maximum use of the space over two pages.

On a 7″ tablet, that still comes out quite small but I used the mic stand and holder I used to use for my Bass Pod FX unit to position the tablet near my eyes. Previously I have used printed music and my Kindle hung on the top shoulder of my bass, which works okay but leaves me looking down too much. The holder arrangement makes it easier to keep eye contact with the rest of the band and the audience but takes up much less space than a music stand.

I had to do some adjustment after (and during!) the first song as I’d extended the boom arm too far and the weight of the tablet was gradually pulling the end down. However, once sorted it was excellent for the rest of the gig and I think it is a trick I will be using again (until I get electronic glasses and can display the dots in a heads up display! Still waiting for that bit of the future to arrive!).


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