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Playing with Fire (Extinguishers)


I had a training course to go to tonight for my role as one of the fire marshals at St Clement’s. It was three and half hours long, which was not quite what I wanted after a full day at work, but it turned out to be an excellent evening. The presenter, from Swan Fire Ltd, knew his stuff and put it across effectively including plenty of video clips that clearly illustrate how terrifying fire can be.

We also got a chance to play with fire extinguishers (practise would probably be a better choice of word but it didn’t feel onerous) and, unlike other courses, we got some real fires to work on. They were still controlled but it added an extra level to the experience, particularly draping a fire blanket across a simulated chip pan fire, where you have to get quite close and trust the blanket will work. Work it did, and very effectively, although the glow of fire you can see through it before the flames are smothered is a bit disconcerting. All the more reason for practise.

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