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Japanese Woodblock Printing – 4


Today has mainly been about experimenting with printing colours, with sheets such as the one below:

A proof print of the blossoms

Proof #3

I have done a little cutting though, based on some of the earlier proofs. For example, I’ve ditched the attempt to print the stems and will instead leave those white, providing a dynamic cut from the border into the image (and avoiding a patch where misalignment would be very obvious. I have also done some experimenting with colour mixes. Here I am using a mix of violet and white (1:1) for the main blooms and violet and dark red (2:1) for the darker areas, with a couple of layers of colour from each plate as well as an overlay of white to give some highlights.

Tomorrow is the final day of the course and I will produce a short run of finished prints, hoping to bring all I have learned into play. For example remember the plate is reverse and put the shading on the right so it comes out on the left!

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