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I love the LibraryThing website because it provides a tool to keep track of both my own books and the large number of things I read from libraries and other sources; I also love the fact that it retains an amusing eccentricity and plenty of unexpected corners to explore.

The latest one I have spotted is ‘book haiku’ where short summaries of books can be entered in haiku-like form. I know that, technically, there is much more to the art of haiku than a short poem with lines of five, seven and five syllables but it works as a fun way to capture the essence of a work with great economy of words. I’ve submitted one for Bones Never Lie, a Kathy Reichs novel I recently finished:

Stories old and new
Corruption, sweetness and science
Autumn, winter, spring

I think it captures something of the book although you will need to read it to realise just how many spoilers I have packed into my seventeen syllables!

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