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Last Monday, I checked my mobile phone as I was leaving work and saw that I didn’t have a signal. That isn’t unusual as it sometimes loses the signal inside the building and then can’t manage to pick it up again but my regular trick of popping into of airplane mode and out again failed to bring it back. Further checking showed that I couldn’t see my provider, Virgin, on the list of carriers although I could see several others listed.

I thought it was the phone but, swapping SIMs with Jane showed that the SIM itself was the issue. It is the one I’ve had for at least fifteen years so I guess it could be said to have done a good stint. I popped down to the local Virgin store at the end of Thursday; they agreed with my diagnosis although, disappointingly, couldn’t swap it round there and then and I went away with a handheld computer that was still all softs of useful things except a phone and expecting a 3-5 working day wait.

Therefore, I was delighted when the replacement SIM turned up this morning. Putting it in was trouble free and I’m now back in communication!

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