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Marjoram Spring Bottled


Beer label

Majoram Spring

My Majoram Spring has been sitting at a gravity of 1.008 so I have got it bottled and prepared a suitably spring-like label for it. I ended up with 11 500ml bottles and 3 330ml bottles. The beer was mixed with 35g of sugar which I heated with the wort I drew a couple of days ago for a sample; I then siphoned the cool wort back on top of this, for a thorough mixing without too much aeration, before bottling. It should be reasonable to drink in a couple of weeks although better by late May.

However, I’ve now built up a nice stock of different brews so no need to rush this one too much. My observation is that a longer fermentation requires a longer time conditioning in the bottle. I haven’t found any problems with sticking with a shorter fermentation of about a week though, so I think I’ll stick with the latter pattern and enjoy not having to wait too long to sample the results.

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