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Quarter Scores

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For last night’s gig with The String Project at the Acoustic Thurdays event at the Jude the Obscure pub in Walton Street (Oxford), I knew that stage space was going to be tight. I’ve got some of the songs by heart but with others I still feel more confident if I can take a peep at the dots from time to time. How could I avoid having to try to squeeze in a music stand?

It turned out that a good answer was to print quarter sized versions of the score (A6 rather than A4) and fix them to the shoulder of the double bass using masking tape. That’s small but also close and was ample to keep me on track. If I’m going to cart round a monster-sized instrument, it is good to find creative ways to use its size.

What I need next is a bit of lighting; yesterday there was enough light on stage but I think that next Friday’s gig at The Cellar might be a little darker up there. A good start though.

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