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Unleavened Bread


For breakfast this morning, I made some more of the unleavened bread I enjoyed on Easter Day. The recipe combines 410g strong white flour (3 cups in the original) with a tsp salt, 3 large eggs, 2 tbsp oil and about 150ml milk. Following the method, I combined the dry ingedients and the wet ingredients separately and then mixed together with my food processor. Once it had reached a consistency that might best be described as chewed bubblegum I then spread it in a greased dish and baked in a fan oven at about 210°C for twenty or so minutes (turning upside down in the tray and putting back for a few more minutes to finish).

Having fairly accurately followed the instructions a couple of times, I’m inclined to play around a bit next time. I think I could mix the wet ingredients first and then add the dry ones. Also, the salt could be dissolved into the liquid before the flour goes in. A softer consistency wouldn’t hurt, since it is contained by the dish and doesn’t need to hold any shape and I could probably bake it slightly lower and until the internal temperature is > 96°C (which is into the safe zone to ensure bread is baked).

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