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Bow Down


Well, we (The String Project) came, saw and did our thang live over the airwaves at BBC Radio Oxford this morning and the evidence is now available online for the next few weeks. It wasn’t a completely flawless performance but that’s only with my picky ears on and knowing what the tracks are meant to sound like. For a live radio performance I think it was pretty decent and we’ve now all got the media bug – we’re definitely up for more of that if any producers are listening (and we’ve got one or two local connections we are definitely keen to follow up).

One potential fly in the ointment was that, on unpacking my bass, I realised I’d left my bow on the window sill back at the studio and I couldn’t reach anyone on the station phone line. I swung by anyway and fortunately there was someone in who located it quite easily. Bow down but bow back up.

Anyway, now that gig is done, we can return to preparing for our outing at The Cellar in Oxford on 24 April. At this week’s rehearsal we’ll run down a provisional set list, which will include all the songs we played this morning along with a few that need dusting off and a few that are awaiting their debut (or even their completion).

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