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Forget video (*): tomorrow I get to be a radio star. Or, at least, cram into a studio with The String Project and the illustrious Will Gompertz for his Sunday morning show (listen to it live or after the event on iPlayer). We should be on between 10:30 – 11am, playing two or three songs and chatting with Will about the kind of music we make. That could be a little complex because it obstinately refuses to sit in any category less nebulous than ‘eclectic’ but hopefully the performances will fill in where words fall short.

A radio slot would be a great opportunity at any time but we will be particularly focused on our next big outing in Oxford, at The Cellar in Frewin Court off Cornmarket, on Friday 24 April. We’ve also got some performers we know coming across from Bristol and it will be a full on spectacular with lots of music and amazing visuals from our arts team. However, it is quite a large venue so, as well as drawing on family and friends we’ll be very glad of the chance to connect with more people across the airwaves tomorrow and hopefully encourage them along (advance tickets from wegottickets).

Does it matter what I wear on the radio? Having done my homework, it sounds like Will sometimes picks up on sartorial details, so I probably should put some thought into the choice. You won’t have to see me but let me know what you think if you listen in.

(*) Early 80’s pop reference… the mind buggles…

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