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Fat(ter) Cat


Which of these two images of cat woman looks more attractive?

A Catwoman comic cover next to a reworked version

All-American Beauty?

The one on the left is the original comic book cover and the one on the right is a reworking on behalf of Bulimia.com which adjusts Catwoman’s body shape to more natural proportions. They have done an exercise with a number of comic book heroes envisaging what they would look like with more average American body types. I have to confess that I find the adjusted version much more appealing. It is probably not least because you don’t have to suspend belief to imagine that she could possess the strength to lift the thug she is dealing with or even to stand on her own two feet unaided!

Not all the renderings have come out quite so graceful and some tend to look like body types from people who don’t get any exercise but healthy Catwoman looks brilliant. I hope the Bulimia campaign has a positive effect and it would be great if comic book artists – and all those who indulge in airbrushing away what people really look like in their photos – could be inspired to see humans don’t actually look that bad just as they are.

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