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This Friday sees The String Project take to the stage1 of the James Street Tavern on (natch!) James Street off Cowley Road. We’re there with a couple of other acts including Grandma’s Hands with our first set kicking off around 8pm with another later in the evening.

We are also quite excited about the promised number of people in the audience. The pub is in a good location for Oxford nightlife, within sight of the thriving Cowley Road so you immediately start with the likelihood that there will be more than the bar staff and band in the room but we’ve all been encouraging people along and the Facebook event page for the gig suggests decent numbers. It isn’t a huge venue so, even allowing for the likely discrepancy between people who say they are coming and people who turn up, it should be buzzing; it would be brilliant to reach a standing room only situation as that becomes a springboard for playing larger venues.

On the Facebook stats, I’ve completely failed to help; I invited all the local contacts I could find on a trawl through my list but none have responded although, to be fair, I haven’t actively pursued Facebook as a way of connecting with potential gig goers. I have sent out emails and spoken to other groups of people though, so hope a few of them will show even if that goes under the Facebook radar.

Anyway, it promises to be a good gig and it looks like it wouldn’t hurt to get down there early if you can.

1 Strictly speaking, one of the corners of the room

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