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Lent 2015


Is Ash Wednesday a bit early to be wondering if your choice of lenten discipline was a good idea? This year I’m trying a variant on the “no late nights” concept that I’ve used several times in the past by resolving not to slumber on through several presses of the snooze button but to get up when the alarm clock goes off.

This plan allows a certain amount of wiggle room as I’m not specifying what time the clock is set for or even if it is set, so I thought I was being quite easy on myself. However, the first night felt a bit like one of those days when you have to get up for an early and unmovable appointment, like catching a coach or plane. I first woke, sure that I only had a few minutes left, at about 3:30am and then again at 5:30am, well before the actual target of 6:30am. Normally I set the alarm for 6:15am but allow myself at least a couple of snoozes which, for some reason, is fixed at 9 minutes.

It’s not too late to change my mind. Apart from a cup of coffee I’ve not yet consumed anything (although too late to step back from blogging or checking Facebook!) and there is ample scope for taking something positive up instead. However, I think I might stick with the snooze thing. If I keep finding that my nights are on tenterhooks, I can always stop or just set the alarm so late that I’ll reliably get up before it. However, if I can kick the snooze button habit, that wouldn’t be a bad thing to take forward into the year ahead.

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