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It was a good gig yesterday evening with Other Way Up but took a little while to dial in the right bass sound. Last time I was at the Nag’s Head, we were outside and the rest of the band kept wanting me to turn up; inside, I took a larger amp and had to turn right down. Go figure!

Actually, what saved the day and stopped boom boom boom from the bass overpowering the sound out front was having my Zoom FX box. Since I was only using one of the three virtual pedals, I was able to reassign another one to a multiband EQ and role down the lowest frequencies.

Quite what it sounded like out front is impossible for me to say but it got me through the rest of the gig. I’m looking forward to Friday when I’m at the James Street Tavern off Cowley Road in Oxford with The String Project (8pm – free entry including two other acts and multiple sets), when we will have the luxury of a sound guy to take care of what reaches the audience (cheers John!).

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