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Myrtle Gin 2015


I’ve got another batch of myrtle gin underway. The Myrtus communis hedge, which I planted about four and a half years ago, is growing well and, although I neglected to weight this year’s harvest, I’m sure it was more than the total I got last year with a good amount still waiting on the bush.

I was able to half fill an old Bombay Sapphire gin bottle with berries, add a generous amount of sugar and some spices (cloves, star anise and cinnamon) before filling up with gin and giving it a good shake. I’ll try agitating it daily for the next week or two, every few days for another month or two after that and then decanting the anticipated fiery, dark red liquer into a smaller bottle for later in the year.

Last year’s batch was a delicious drink although was only an experimental quantity. This year I’m tempted to get a second bottle on the go and hopefully have some of the results left to enjoy at Christmas!

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