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I had a nice surprise at work today when I was feeding in publications from our academics to a local database and spotted that I’ve joined the ranks of published authors. It appears that my name gets a credit in Singh S, Hutchings A, Forrester-Barker W, Dasgupta B, Diamantopoulos AP, Lanyon P, Magliano M, McDonald B, Wolfe K, Luqmani R. Preliminary Analysis of Histological Findings in GCA Biopsy Positive Patients. ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATOLOGY 66:S347-S348 Oct 2014. This is an early paper related to a study I have provided data management support for in comparing ultrasound and temporal artery biopsy in the diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA).

It doesn’t appear to be on open access just yet but it is a start in my scientific career. I might even catch up with top of our departmental publishing board, Professor Cyrus Cooper… if I average about 100 publications per year for the rest of my career! Still, it is a start; it has been fascinating to contribute my skills to this study and I am looking forward to several more publications not just for the kudos but with the hope that they will make a worthwhile contribution to scientific understanding and the resultant patient care for this rare but serious condition.

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