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Is this thing on?


My trusty old Zoom H2 recording device seems to have permanently entered that mode known as “pining for the fjords”. Over the last few months it has been a bit flaky about switching on and now it entirely refuses to start, with or without batteries in and trying both a direct power supply and USB power. It has had pretty good use for getting on for a decade so I’ve probably had my money’s worth. Time however to think about a replacement.

It may be though that, living in the age of tablets and smart phones, this is another thing that can be handled by appropriate software on one of these types of device. I already use both my phone and tablet as a tuner and metronome so what about recording? Based on the results of last night’s rehearsal and some Android software called ASR, this is looking a strong possibility. I need to give it a listen on headphones – there did seem to be some background interference – but for the purpose of capturing aural notes I think it may suffice.

BTW, I’ve got another gig with the String Project coming up at East Oxford Community Centre on 14 November – details on Facebook. I think the stretch to learn this music is paying off in terms of improving my facility on double bass and the recording is part of the process of providing a way to take a sounding on this.

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