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Another busy weekend! On Friday I was up early to deliver leaflets from my church down the St Clement’s parish end of Cowley Road. Top tip? Carry a small piece of wood to hold open letterboxes and encourage leaflets through and the job becomes much easier. We also revisited the garden we were at the previous week and took out the second, larger tree.

Yesterday I had another rehearsal in the morning and, in the afternoon, we followed a tip from some friends in Kidlington about another stash of wood that was available for collection. We’re part way through that one but probably have another trip or two to make… and some more storage to construct in the back garden to hold all the gleanings as they season.

Finally, today. The only wood I picked up was a couple of sticks dropped in the street by a nearby tree but I’ve been doing other things including removing leaves from gutters at the top of the church and driving down to Southall for curry with a friend. Time soon, I think, for a dose of sleep.



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