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A Quick Jam


Making jam is normally an investment for the future. You harvest and prepare the fruit, sterilise jars, boil fruit and sugar until setting point is reached and then jar up and store until required. However yesterday’s crop of blueberries was far too small to consider all those steps and so I made what could be called a quick jam instead.

Fruit into a small skillet along with a squeeze of lemon juice, a couple of teaspoons of sugar and a little water and onto the heat. As it started to thicken and turn, for want of a better word, jammy, I threw in a few of the best blueberries that I’d set to one side, stirred and took off the heat. By that time the toast was ready to butter and then spread with my fresh jam. Delicious!

We are now past the season of plentiful harvests from our fruit bushes and have a fair amount of crops stored in the freezer ready for a proper jam making session. However, as fruit comes in by the handful, I think I will be pulling the skillet out again from time to time when the harvest is not quite sweet enough to eat raw.

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